Bradley is the Robo-Soldier of the 4th Universe. He is of the Bat Force

Personality Edit

Unlike the other Robo-Soldiers, who believe that love and compassion are the best way to solve problems; Bradley believes that military force is the only true solution. He does not believe of himself to be either good nor evil, rather he follows the way of military power simply for the sake of it.

Powers & Arsenal Edit

His special attack is called "Crescent Hook" and is also capable of performing a special attack known as "Bat Array" by gaining energy through his fellow Bat Force members. Unlike the other Robo-Soldiers, who do not use any known weapons beyond Robos, Bradley's armor has built in claws that he is able to use while during battle.

His Bat-Robo can transform into an indestructible shield that can never be broken nor bent.