Devin (龙戬, pronounced as Long Jian) is a member of the Blue Dragon clan. He comes from the 2nd universe within the story.

Trivia Edit

  • Devin's Chinese name literally translates into 'Dragon'
  • In episode 11 after Solita removes Devin's helmet, she calls him 'Hades' in shock, that was never explained.
  • In episode 45, titled "The Death of Devin", Thales also says to him "Devin, you sound a lot like Hades"

Background Edit

A parallel version of Devin appeared in the first episode alongside the other members before they officially appeared as well. Devin was the only one that was named in that scene.

He then reappears in episode 6, from the 2nd universe. In the beginning of the episode, he partakes in a contest to acquire the Energy Locker which his master, Stegosaurus, held on to. After the deaths of his friends, his master, and defeating Solita in retaliation; he joins Kino's team to take down Hades.

Powers & Vehicles Edit

The Robo Soldiers do not show to have any personal weapons. Instead, they use hand-to-hand fighting styles and special attacks to defeat their opponents. Devin's special attack is called "Ice Array".

Much like Kino, Devin has his own 'Dragon-Moto which is his own form of transportation. His isn't shown to transform into other modes but it is to be assumed that it can.